Forces of Influence

In our second annual report, Atlantic Insights—the marketing research practice of Atlantic Brand Partners—has uncovered the five Forces that are continuously shaping our world, our industry, and our customers’ lives. The report reveals the five Forces for 2022 and offers marketing leaders ideas and suggestions for successfully adapting to them.

Each Force stems from a universal human truth, merging themes that span the economy, politics, society, and culture.

In a time of unpredictability and rising consumer expectations, there are still some things on which we can shed light. To help inspire. To help improve relationships.

Welcome to Forces of Influence 2.0.

Scroll down to explore the Forces below or read the report here.

Security Systems

Individuals are requiring safety nets from institutions and, in some cases, building their own.

As a prolonged period of uncertainty continues, people are living more cautiously, and personal security has become a priority. 

Read the report for insights into how your brand can foster a sense of security.

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I expect brands to keep me, my family, and the world safe.

Multiplicity of Belief

As people seek meaning, they are finding new ways to define and practice their beliefs.

What’s meaningful to us continues to change. And, as individuals reconsider what matters most, a new slew of everyday rituals is gaining steam.

Read the report for insights into your customers’ shifting values.

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say it’s possible to feel an emotional connection to brands.

Social Anchoring

As traditional social structures are dismantled, people are looking to join more tailored communities.

Individuals are reevaluating the people they want in their life and the communities they want to be part of. 

Read the report for insights on how you can connect with consumers in meaningful, immersive ways.

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think brands can help people reconnect.

Power Leveling

There is a shift from traditional hierarchies to new, flatter power structures.

Last year, we saw the pendulum of power swing toward individuals and away from institutions. Now some of that power is shifting back toward where it began. 

Read the report for insights into what consumers really want power over.

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expect brands to empower them.

Liquid Selves

Identities are seamless, not static, and change according to situation and mindset.

Identities have never been more fluid. Who we were yesterday isn’t the same as who we’ll be tomorrow or the day after that. 

Read the report for insights into how your brand can support customers as they adjust to their new life.

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expect brands to understand them.